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Open Innovations

Exclusively isolation of own ideas and its tracking, especially in the research and development, can not do god. The era of endless "fence building" is over. A partial opening of the patent portfolio indicates a willingness to face the present rapid changing of needs.
"Open Innovation" is the result of controlled opening of the innovation process and patent portfolios of companies and thus the active strategic use of external resources in order to use their innovation potential with efficiency and effectiveness. In this way are created strategic partnerships, new products and are opened new markets. Opening innovation is the answer to the Globalization, accelerating innovation rhythm and the advanced digitization and networking. Open innovation increases your income; our goal is the increase of your turnover up to 10%.

Patents are valid for 20 years and many and, due to the increasingly rapid innovation rhythm, they are not involved in the added value. The opening of the process stands for the recognition of chances and risks of such patents, through the patent analyses, and opportunities for cost reduction of 10% -20%.

A comprehensive image of own opportunities and the competitive environment can be created from the perspective of business-related competitive analysis and technology-related patent analysis. The aim is to identify the most important markets for promising technologies, i.e. potential customers, branches and countries which offer the opportunities.

DIP-UB helps you to identify and contact suitable partner in this process and to make for all parties the profitable partnership.