service around patent value

Innovation process

Are you looking for reasonable costs for the protection of your intellectual property? Do you want to increase the income of your rights? DIP-UB analyzes the innovation process of your company from different angles. You can get advantages according to the nominal value of your intellectual property and separation of the research and development on the bookkeeping level.

This approach is a new one. Many companies change their point of view. The reasons are cost cutting through cooperation which we can find in the recent example in the car industry – research and development were separated, the monetary valuing of the patents was introduced and as a result, according to the new bookkeeping approach, the procedure of getting credit money to the company was simplified. It should be also taken into the consideration that the Global market does not treat the patent law with the same respect. Additionally, every attempt of isolation looks senseless in the era of speedy digitalisation. The right answer is controlled opening of your patent portfolio – Open Innovation!