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About us

DIP - Due to Intellectual Property consults companies from various sectors in the field of intellectual property exploitation and provides innovative services in the process of innovation management.

A quick transfer of ideas into commercial innovations and the label "open innovation" ensures to the companies of any size the position in the global market dealing that way more efficiently with risks and challenges they are facing.

The potential of the patent portfolio is generally not fully exploited. Patents are used primarily for the protection of inventions, to secure the advantages over the competitors. DIP advises you on how to open your innovation process with a reasonable risk, thus increasing at speed, cut IP costs and increase sales. For that purpose, we analyse your patent portfolio from the market-oriented point of view respecting the need for protection of innovations. This analysis is necessary for the innovation strategy of the company and also for the IP cost-cutting and revenue growth. An efficient patent management is an important prerequisite for the future viability and competitiveness of your company.